Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The Story begins

The forest spread out for miles around the massive conglomeration of giant elder trees that formed the Tower of the Eternal Wood; how a mere Spell Singer created this was a question that Arthyr Stornos could not answer. He had never seen anything like it in all of Ghyran, even the stories he had heard of Athel Loren didn’t talk about the Tower being this majestic and yet monstrous at the same time.


As he crouched in the branches of forest he studied the landscape, lush, deep dark forests as far as he could see. He could feel the power of Ghyran flowing through the area, he could sense old magic in places too where rune stones had been erected to tap the ebb and flow and to mark sites of importance. He let his senses flow further; his faithful spirit hawk Tui, flew alongside; flowing and weaving through the forest. He felt joy like he hadn’t since, since he couldn’t remember. This  place must be protected he realized, the taint of darkness mustn’t be allowed to ruin this.


Arthyr’s senses travelled further, suddenly he reeled back. Something was wrong, something shouldn’t be here… Greenskins! Foul Troggoths and Moonclan Grots were  here, hacking at the precious trees and despoiling the forest. Were they here to pillage the Tower? Or were they just drawn by the thought of spilling blood and sap?


He withdrew back into himself and Tui landed at his feet. Arthyr turned to his trusted advisors and friends Lythal and Aertas.

The Greenskins are here, we have some hunting to do my friends.”

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