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The Tower of the Eternal Wood, Skirmish Campaign

The Tower of the Eternal Wood
On the Great Green Torc, in the Burgeoning Woods, something has appeared. In the mists between the Mellowing and the Burgeoning, a giant tower has appeared. Organic and full of life. Rumour has started to spread through the Realms that somehow the Tower of Eternal Wood has been saved and resides on the Great Green Torc for now.
In the woods and glades that surround the Tower a hooded and elusive figure has been seen guarding the entrances and pathways that lead into the Tower. For those fortunate enough to survive the encounter claim that this hooded figure is non-other than the Spell Weaver Ranu, who once created the Tower of the Eternal Wood. However, this Ranu is no longer an Aelf of any description and he seems to command the loyalty of a troupe of Sylvaneth Revenants and Hunters.
Now, adventurers from across the Realms seek to make their way into the Tower and explore its hidden secrets. Tales of ancient relics, treasures and promises of power sing throughout the forests of the Great Green Torc.


Alith Anar
Prince Arthyr Stornos
Lord Amadri Ironbark

Breora Warstout
Cruril Battlebeard
Beldak Ironhouse
Thoeak Battleheart


Gordash Irontoof
Azluk Stonefist

Lugrat Snoteye
Shagduf Blacktongue


  1. More! This is awesome :) Are you guys going to use the Firestorm expansion rules?

    1. Thanks Tim. I'm hoping to use this as a intro to the Firestorm campaign. That way it will give a good background to our players and armies...


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