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Glade Guard WIP

So here's a pic of my two blocks of Glade Guard so far... Hoping to have them finished within another couple of days hopefully. Then onto the Spellweaver and Spellsinger.

Battle at Heroes Pass

As the fog cleared, Alith Anar could see a green cloaked and silent host of Asrai taking up positions down through the valley from his vantage point in the old ruined tower. Down the line of the Asrai he picked out the hulking form of a treeman and the horns of a great stag among the trees.  
While Lord Mithrin marched the main force to face the upstart High Elves, Serelos had spotted a regiment of shadow warriors hiding in the ruined tower on the east flank of the battle fieldand decided to lead his rangers to pushed them out of their position and hopefully disrupt the High Elf battle line.
Before the first horn sounded, Serelos took aim with his Arrow of Kurnous and loosed it at Alith Anar... Perfect hit, however the High Elf Lord was not fazed at all from the lone shot.  

Here you can see the Wood Elf battle line... Closest from furthest: - Deepwood Rangers with Serelos & Lothlann. - Treeman Aesh. - Wild Riders with Lord Mithrin. - Glade Guard with Lady Morigan, using lore of …

Treeman built

Finally assembled my treeman. I must admit this is an amazing kit. I have to say GW you have impressed me with the new Wood Elf plastic kits, very cool. Can't wait to try and paint this big bastard!

Wood Elves vs High Elves

So I marched my Asrai this afternoon against my brothers High Elf army led by none other than Alith Anar and Korhil. 
This was only his second game, but was really interesting. My tree man and my archers were the star of the game. The treeman made short work of Alith Anar and his retinue of 10 shadow warriors and then moved on to slowly squash his unit of 40 Lothern sea guard. 
The archers took out both of his white lion chariots before they could make it into combat fortunately, eventually making short work of his reavers.
The battle finished between my unit of 40 rangers attacking his unit of 40 white lions.... The following combat was brutal, with 19 wounds caused against the white lions and 17 wounds against the rangers, the High Elves lost combat and failed their leadership roll; ending the game with the mighty white lions running with their tails between their legs.
Hurrah for the Asrai!