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Battle at Heroes Pass

As the fog cleared, Alith Anar could see a green cloaked and silent host of Asrai taking up positions down through the valley from his vantage point in the old ruined tower. Down the line of the Asrai he picked out the hulking form of a treeman and the horns of a great stag among the trees.  

While Lord Mithrin marched the main force to face the upstart High Elves, Serelos had spotted a regiment of shadow warriors hiding in the ruined tower on the east flank of the battle fieldand decided to lead his rangers to pushed them out of their position and hopefully disrupt the High Elf battle line.

Before the first horn sounded, Serelos took aim with his Arrow of Kurnous and loosed it at Alith Anar... Perfect hit, however the High Elf Lord was not fazed at all from the lone shot.  

Here you can see the Wood Elf battle line... Closest from furthest:
- Deepwood Rangers with Serelos & Lothlann.
- Treeman Aesh.
- Wild Riders with Lord Mithrin.
- Glade Guard with Lady Morigan, using lore of life.
- Glade Guard with Celebhith, using lore of beasts.
- Then off in the furthest tower and forest are the two units of waywatchers.
- The glade riders are ambushing.

The High Elf battle line... Closest from furthest:
- 20 Shadow Warriors with Alith Anar.
- 10 Reavers with Noble.
- 12 Archers with lvl4 mage.
- 2 bolt throwers.
- White lion chariot.
- 30 White Lions of Chrace with Korhil and the banner of the world dragon.
- White lion chariot.
- 40 Lothern Sea Guard with Sea Helm BSB.

Turn one:
Wood Elf Deepwood rangers charge the shadow warriors in the tower... Rangers win and the shadow warriors flee and are pursued by the rangers.

Celebhith's archers shoot the closest chariot, reducing it to one wound.

Morigan's archers shoot the other chariot it destroying it with their volley.

High Elvesmarch their White Lions and Sea Guard forward and march the chariot across the table to avoid further shooting. The Shadow Warriors pass their rally, but have now blocked the Reavers from doing anything this turn.

Both the archers and shadow warriors choose to shoot the rangers sheltering in the tower and succeed in killing 3 rangers.

One bolt thrower takes aim at the treeman and knocks 2 wounds off him.

Turn two:
The Wild Riders declare a flank charge on the last chariot and get in wiping it out and overrunning into the archers behind and the lvl4 mage.

The rangers declare a charge on the shadow warriors again and are too close for them to be able to stand and shoot so they opt to accept the charge and hope for the best. The rangers beat back the shadow warriors again even though Alith Anar for the 2nd time has reaped a great cost for the attacks; the rangers then overrun into the unit of reavers.

The ambushing glade riders appear next the one of the bolt throwers and manage to take a wound off with their shooting.

Both units of glade guard and waywatchers shoot the unit of sea guard dropping 2 ranks off the High Elves.

In the High Elf turn the Sea Guard charge the waywatchers in the forest and destroy them; the White Lions continue their advance across the battle field, while the reavers and archers are wiped out.

Turn Three:
With both the reavers and archers dead, the Wild Riders and Rangers each charge a bolt thrower and destroy them both piece meal.

Again, the archers and remaining waywatchers take aim at the sea guard and manage to kill another rank of the High Elves.

In the High Elf turn the White Lions charge Morigan and her archers, wiping them out. Meanwhile the Sea Guard push forward again.

The White Lions at this stage are right on my front door, but because my arrows are magical, he gets a 2+ ward save against them, hence the shooting at the Sea Guard.

Turn Four:
Now that all the High Elves the eastern flank were dead or fled, the Rangers and Wild Riders move back towards their own line to help the archers from certain doom.

My remaining unit of archers with Celebhith take aim at the Sea Guard and kill all bar the Sea Helm who manages to live through not only the arrows of the archers but also the waywatchers. Not however the single shot from Lord Mithrin...

The High Elves with the final unit... The White Lions of death, reposition the White Lions to recieve charges as they had no charge arcs.

Turn Five:
The Wild Riders, Glade Guard and Treeman all charge the White Lions... This combat ensues for 4 rounds, but eventually the White Lions are brought down. Not before however killing all the Wild Riders and Lord Mithrin.

See below for the surviving victors of the battle of Heroes pass:


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