Thursday, 28 September 2017

The Sentinels of Tal Stornos

The Sentinels of Tal Stornos

Led by the driven and raw Arthyr Stornos, the Sentinels hunt out all who would dare damage the beauty of their forests, whether on the Great Green Torc or those surrounding their home of Spiteshade Vale.

Arthyr is the descendant of the once mighty Lord Arlas of Tal Stornos, a Kingdom of the Time Before. Arthyr and his Wanderers are all that remain of the once proud Aelves, who once claimed Modryn, The Night Glens, as their own.

Now they sally out from Spiteshade Vale, a dark and glorious forest Watch post which they share with a small contingent of haughty Stormcast Eternals known as the Order of the Arrow, led by Uhtred Greenwing.

Arthyr and Uhtred have a mutual respect, earned through many battles side by side, Arthyr’s rangers supporting the angelic Stormcast Eternals as together they hunt down the foul forces of Chaos. The two friends also share a secret known to none bar their commanders… Spiteshade is home to a raging nexus of magical power. This is the reason the Order of the Arrow were stationed here, and why the forest here is so thick, dark and glorious. The Spellsingers and Sisters of the Thorn are often seen communing with spites and revenants who wish to pay tribute and bath in the natural magic which seethes throughout Spiteshade Vale.

The Warband:

Arthyr Stornos (16): Inspirational fighter; Great Modryn Blade (Soulsever Blade)

Aertas (4): Wildwood ranger

Lythal (4): Ranger of the Watch

Monday, 25 September 2017

GuardCon 2017

Pic's from the battle lines...

The Tower of the Eternal Wood

The Tower of the eternal wood

How will this work?

  • We will need to run this campaign in pairs, essentially two opposing factions trying to get into the Tower.
  • Each pair will run their own campaign, but all results will be sent and documented and then displayed for all to see.
  • We will play through the campaign as laid out in the campaign pack (to be published soon).
  • If you want to be involved in the campaign please let me know via FB or Twitter.
  • Ideally each battle should be recorded via photos or video so we can share some action across the wider events.
  • Games should be played at least once a fortnight. I will suggest match ups if required and will consider geographical situations.
  • Let’s have fun and play out the story and maybe even help flesh out what is happening within the Realms.

The Tower of the Eternal Wood, Skirmish Campaign

The Tower of the Eternal Wood
On the Great Green Torc, in the Burgeoning Woods, something has appeared. In the mists between the Mellowing and the Burgeoning, a giant tower has appeared. Organic and full of life. Rumour has started to spread through the Realms that somehow the Tower of Eternal Wood has been saved and resides on the Great Green Torc for now.
In the woods and glades that surround the Tower a hooded and elusive figure has been seen guarding the entrances and pathways that lead into the Tower. For those fortunate enough to survive the encounter claim that this hooded figure is non-other than the Spell Weaver Ranu, who once created the Tower of the Eternal Wood. However, this Ranu is no longer an Aelf of any description and he seems to command the loyalty of a troupe of Sylvaneth Revenants and Hunters.
Now, adventurers from across the Realms seek to make their way into the Tower and explore its hidden secrets. Tales of ancient relics, treasures and promises of power sing throughout the forests of the Great Green Torc.


Alith Anar
Prince Arthyr Stornos
Lord Amadri Ironbark

Breora Warstout
Cruril Battlebeard
Beldak Ironhouse
Thoeak Battleheart


Gordash Irontoof
Azluk Stonefist

Lugrat Snoteye
Shagduf Blacktongue

The Modryn Return

Arlos Darkleaf’s Tree-like features cracked with what might have resembled a smile, “So you cling to your old life and old name?Good, good...