Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Skirmish loot...


Throughout the skirmish campaign all parties will have chances of discovering loot to give to their characters...

I've made an early list of some loot that might drop during this campaign:

Amulet of Spirits

  • Enemies suffer -1 to hit this character.

Guardian Gem

  • +1 armour save.

Book of the Oracle
  • Grants wearer the spells arcane bolt and mystic shield.
  • +1 attack to one melee weapon.

  • +1 rend to one melee weapon.
Storm-Forged Silk Greatcloak
  • +1 wound.


Twilight Shroud
  • Enemies suffer -1 to hit this character with all shooting attacks.

Vinelimb Aldershadow (mysterious ally)

  • Branchwych ally for your next battle.
Titan's Bracelet
  • +1 armour

Ranger's Pin
  • +1 to hit with ranged weapons

Seeker's Crown
  • +1 to find loot

Ethereal Arrow
  • 1 use only. 20" range; 2+ to hit, deals 1 mortal wound

Seeker's Sword
  • +1 to hit with one melee weapon

Ancestral Duardin Axe
  • +2 rend to one melee weapon

Phoenix Shield
  • +2 save vs shooting

Final Shield
  • 5+ ignore wound

Shinerious, the Treasure Sniffer (pet)
    • +1 to find loot

    Siro, Shadow Wolf (pet)
    • deals 3 attacks in close combat; 4+ to hit, 4+ to wound, no rend, 1 dmg.

    Mogg, the Stone-Spite (pet)
    • 6+ ignore wound.

    Firebelly, infant dragon (pet)
    • D3 shooting attacks; range 8", 3+ to hit, 5+ to wound, no rend, 1 dmg.

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      1. I'll also be making up item cards to hand out to the players who earn or find the loot...


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