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Into the Forest

This weekend the Lord of Tal Stornos, Arthyr Stornos, ventures forth with his companions Aertas and Lythal...

What secrets will they uncover? What relics will they find? And will they find allies in the Forests around the Tower of the Eternal Wood or just foul creatures?

Keep an eye out for updates on Twitter @KNlGHTH00D over the weekend as I post up what is happening...

I just thought I'd share what we are going to be doing with the start of this campaign (hopefully it will continue and lead into Firestorm). So far we only have 2 players involved in the campaign and we both run Order forces... Now this is just annoying to me, as I really don't like having to play off Order vs Order in a campaign unless the theme justifies it... As such, and after some inspiration from watching Black Fyre Productions Whispers in the North campaign, I thought why don't we take turns with our Order warbands and also with a couple of Destruction warbands...

Enter the Gobbo's...

As such we have decided to create several Gobbo warbands that our Order warbands will be encountering during the campaign (including a pure Troggoth warband).

This should be fun :)


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Skirmish loot cards!

So I've put together some loot cards for the loot that could drop during the campaign.

How will it work?

At the end of each battle select one character to look for loot. Roll a D6. If you score a 6 or more, you may then roll a D20 on the chart below.

Amulet of SpiritsGuardian GemBook of the OracleThornKnightfallStorm-Forged Great-cloakTwilight ShroudTitan's GuardRanger's PinSeeker's CrownSeeker's SwordEthereal ArrowAncestral Duardin Axe

Skirmish loot...

Throughout the skirmish campaign all parties will have chances of discovering loot to give to their characters...

I've made an early list of some loot that might drop during this campaign:

Amulet of Spirits
Enemies suffer -1 to hit this character.
Guardian Gem
+1 armour save.
Book of the Oracle Grants wearer the spells arcane bolt and mystic shield. Thorn +1 attack to one melee weapon.
Nightfall +1 rend to one melee weapon.

Airship down

Chapter 5

The forest canopy sped by under the hull of his faithful Ironclad 'Grim Lady'. Vaughm Stormmantle looked through his periscope, there in the distance he could see the monstrous tree surging through the canopy and then disappearing into the cloud cover. He must reach his cousin Beldak, there was danger coming... An Oruk warlord, violent and savage was making his way through the forest.

Suddenly Vaughm was shaken from his thoughts as a green explosion burst from the side of the 'Grim Lady'. He looked down to the forest, more green flaming balls were hurtling towards his ship.
"All hands on deck! Prepare to engage!" Shouted Vaughm as his Ironclad started to lose altitude.

Gonza the Mad cackled hysterically as he hurled arcane ball after ball at the stunty airship. His trusty guards Baz and Bol were grinning from the top of their squig mounts, the flicker of blood lust in their eyes. The plan had worked, and down fell the stunties, right into the squig …