Thursday, 12 October 2017

Skirmish loot cards!

So I've put together some loot cards for the loot that could drop during the campaign.

How will it work?

At the end of each battle select one character to look for loot. Roll a D6. If you score a 6 or more, you may then roll a D20 on the chart below.

  1. Amulet of Spirits
  2. Guardian Gem
  3. Book of the Oracle
  4. Thorn
  5. Knightfall
  6. Storm-Forged Great-cloak
  7. Twilight Shroud
  8. Titan's Guard
  9. Ranger's Pin
  10. Seeker's Crown
  11. Seeker's Sword
  12. Ethereal Arrow
  13. Ancestral Duardin Axe
  14. Phoenix Shield
  15. Final Shield
  16. Vinelimb Aldershadow (mysterious ally)
  17. Shinerious, the Treasure Sniffer (pet)
  18. Siro, Shadow Wolf (pet)
  19. Mogg, the Stone-Spite (pet)
  20. Firebelly, infant dragon (pet)

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