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Shagduf Blacktongue and Lugrat Snoteye...

Chapter One

The forest loomed out in front of King Beldak Ironhouse and his war band. Rumor's had reached him that this Aelf Tree Tower had ur-gold hidden within its depth. This needed to be recovered by his Duardin warriors.

From his lookout within the branches of the trees he could see the hated Duardin marching, he patted his spiders flank, today we will feast on Duardin flesh. Shagduf Blacktongue whistled back to the other hidden Grots and their spider mounts. They skittered off and surrounded the unaware Duardin war band.

The first encounter of the campaign happened between the Duardin and the Grot spider riders. The Duardin caught off guard were mercilessly attacked and forced back, however as the spiders looked to finish the Duardin a group of Aelves arrived and helped the Duardin drive back the Grots and their spiders.

Finally, after marching through the night the had caught up with the Grot war band. "Troggoths, 3 none the less!" Thought Arthyr. This hunt would not be easy pickings, first to figure out who was leading this rabble of Greenskins. He sent Tui off to observe the Grots and soon located a loud and rough looking Grot barking orders at the other Grots. Arthyr turned to Lythal, "Start with the leader, I'll take care of the Troggoths."

"Who has my boot!" Screamed Lugrat Snoteye; "When I find the Grot who has my boot, I'll shove it down your throat you filthy worms!" Lugrat had heard there were Duardin in the forest and that his cousin Shagduf was heading to eliminate them. "Damn him and his spiders!" He thought.

The first battle for the Wanderers pitted them against the Troggoths and Grots under the command of Lugrat Snoteye. The Wanderers surrounded the Greenskins and quickly picked them off, while Arthyr strode through the Troggoths and butchered them. They then pursued Lugrat as he fled through the forest only to lead the Wanderers to the embattled Duardin.

Chapter Two

"My Lord Battlebeard, we've heard reports that the Grots have seized an ur-gold relic and are taking it back to their encampment. Our scouts have located them not far from here. Shall we go hunting?"

"Move it you miserable whelps! We have to get this shiny to the camp and melt it down before we come across those stunties or pointy eared bastards." Screeched Lugrat as his Grots and Troggoths made their way through the forest path.

The second battle for the Duardin found them springing an ambush on Lugrat's warband in order to recover an ur-gold relic. The Duardin quickly took down the Troggoth vanguard and moved in to wipe out the remaining Grots while Lugrat slipped away into the forest to lick his wounds.

Nimue raced through the forest, she could hear the Grots and their foul spiders pursuing her. She sprang into the next clearing and there they were, Prince Arthyr Stornos and his companions.
"I need your help! Filthy Grots are hunting me!"

"Faster! Move it Dimleg! We must catch the she-Aelf!" Growled Shagduf to his spider mount. His Grots had found the wandering Aelf as she was singing to the trees, but she was too fast on her horned steed. "If she makes it to find help, I'll have your guts for garters!!!"

The second battle for the Wanderers pitted them against Shagduf's spider riders. After suffering more casualties than Arthyr was prepared for the Aelves managed to drop enough of the Grots to make them flee back into the forest and leave the path clear for them to escort Nimue back to their hideout.

Chapter 3

From deep within the Tower of the Eternal Wood, Talu sat, cross legged in meditation. His new sense gifted to him from his True Queen prickled and twitched. He watched his distant brethren battling the foul green skins that were coming to his tower; he watched as the greedy Duardin slowly progressed through the forest, their hearts set on the ur-gold which was weaved through the mighty trees that formed this Tower.

He had dispatched dryads to observe and quietly interrupt with the interlopers progress. He needed time to complete the Tower, the roots went deep and spread far, but they needed to go further if they were to complete their quest. Through the gloom and mist that blanketed the room strode Talu's friend and body guard. Once he had been known as the Shadow King, Alith Anar, now he was known as Anaroth, Hunter of Kurnoth and Guardian Eternal. His mighty bow slung over his back, and a massive great blade in his hand he made an impressive silhouette in the mist.

"Ah, my friend. What news do you bring?" Talu said as he rose from his meditation.
"I have found him, the leader of the Greenskins. I come to request leave to pursue him." The words made no noise, but resounded within Talu's head. He nodded his approval and with that Anaroth strode out into the gloom.

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