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The Dragon Gate

Arthyr and his allies appeared out of the mist and into another part of the forested realm of the Great Green Torc, this was where they would find the ancient Dragon gate which connected this part of Ghyran with the realm of fire. Arthyr sent the Mithrin brothers, Kiro and Seral, to scout the forest ahead. Arthyr and his allies knew there were still greenskin in these parts and would have to fight through them to reach the gate.

Kiro and Seral ran through the forest canopy , feet deftly finding purchase on the branches and trunks of trees. Kiro leapt across a gap twice his height, catching a branch with his free hand and swinging himself up onto the next tree. Seral clambered further up the tree swung his rope out and across to the tree that Kiro had landed in. The two brothers had grown up amidst the forests outside of Spiteshade Vale and their father had told them stories of how their ancestors had watched over the Night Glades of the ancient realm of Modryn, unseen within the forest canopy.
Suddenly both brothers stopped, on the air they could smell something off, something that didn't belong in Ghyran... Greenskin.. They stalked quietly around the Greenskin camp, taking their time to analyse the enemy.
"Grots... lots of Grots..." Whispered Kiro.
"And they've brought spiders and squigs along..." Quietly chuckled Seral. Seral's swirling tattoos started to glow all over his body, as he started to prepare for the fight. Kiro knew this was the sign that things were about to get fun, he pulled his hood up and drew his long bow.
"I guess you should signal to Arthyr then brother?" Whispered Seral to Kiro with a grin.
With that, a fiery green arrow launched from Kiro's bow signalling the other Wanderers hiding in wait further back in the forest.

Arthyr sat perched at the base of a mighty Ghyfir tree waiting for the signal from the Mithrin brothers, there, a fiery green arrow arced over the trees and landed inches from Arthyr's head. He turned to his warriors, "Our quarry has been found, time to slay them and reclaim the dragon gate."

As the Wanderers of Spiteshade Vale advanced thunder crashed overhead, as seven spears of lightning smashed into the earth ahead of the Wanderers... Uhtred and his Prosecutors surged forward to attack and stem the counter-attack from the Greenskin.

The spider mounted Grots slammed into the Stormcasts as they held the line allowing the Wanderers to slip in flanking positions before sending a storm of arrows into the Greenskin ranks.

Aertas's rangers surged forward to hunt down a giant squig beast. They quickly ran through the wooded terrain and tore into the beasts flanks, hacking massive swathes from its flesh. In no time at all the beast had been brought down.

Meanwhile, Uhtred and his Stormcast were not faring well. The spiders had sent several Prosecutors back to Azyrheim leaving only Uhtred and his two champions. Arthyr knew that he could not make it to save his friend and ally, and if he tried Uhtred's sacrifice would be in vain. Arthyr slipped back into the shadow paths and headed closer to the Dragon Gate. When he re-appeared, Uhtred was gone along with his last Prosecutors. Arthyr knew that he must claim this gate back and continue through to the Flamescar Plateau.

The Wanderers continued to hunt down the scattered Greenskin, stalking them through the forest. The Greenskin were in disarray, every time they tried to counter attack the Wanderers would vanish in the mists only to reappear elsewhere in the forest. Arthyr, made the most of the confusion and headed to the gate, slaying any straggling Greenskin which crossed his path.

As he reached the gate, a mist formed around its base and a horned silhouette appeared. Arthyr prepared to battle, drawing the Modryn Blade from his back and carving a line around him in the soil. "Know that you come to your death, by the scion of Tal Stornos!" Arthyr called into the mist.
A familiar chuckle danced through the mist, this was no enemy! "Rhavon! What... How? Where did you come from?" Laughed Arthyr. 
"Ah, Princeling. So serious. I have come back to guide you through the Dragon Gate. I also want to visit the Flamescar Plateau, it's been to long." Rhavon chuckled, his voice ancient beyond count.


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