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The start...

So me and my mates that all game together recently have decided we will give a shot at doing an End Times campaign for Warhammer Fantasy. I've never done a blog or anything like this really before, and I thought: 

"Well, why not try to capture my progress as we lead up to the campaign and then post how it all turns out?!"

So that's what I'm going to try to do. I've attached my first list below, we all play at 3K normally and I will be playing mainly against the Undead hordes and Nurgle Chaos Warriors, so this will be an interesting campaign for my Wood Elves.

Once I've finished up painting some of my regiments I'll post them up too, maybe even get a little crazy and post some battle reports (Woah!)

Wood Elves of Modryn
Lord Mithrin’s Warhost 3000 points

Glade Lord Kirlos Mithrin(145): asrai spear(3), Armour of Silvered Steel(45), talisman of preservation(45), Great Stag(65).
Serelos, Sentinel of the Watch(75): great weapon(4), crown of command(35), charmed shield(5), hagbane tipped arrows (3).
Lothlann the Brave, Battle standard bearer(100): great weapon(4), enchanted shield(5), talisman of endurance(30).
Lady Morigan(185): lvl4 wizard(35), Book of the Ashur(70).
Celebhith(80): lvl2 wizard(35), dispel scroll(25).

Glade Guard: 20 glade guard with full command(270), trueflight arrows(60).
Glade Guard: 20 glade guard with full command(270), trueflight arrows(60).
Glade Riders: 5 riders with musician, and shiftshiver shard arrows(125).

Wildwood Rangers: 40 rangers with full command(470), banner of eternal flame(10).
Wild Riders: 10 riders with full command(290), shields(20).

Treeman Aesh(225): strangle roots(20).
Waywatchers: 5 waywatchers(100).
Waywatchers: 5 waywatchers(100).



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